Contrasting images in harmony

Two artists | one project.
Yin Yang | together for themselves.

Yin, the feminine, dark and heavy part is represented by photographs on heavy black glass or black coated aluminum (tintypes). Silvery still lifes, sad and deep, relaxed and thoughtful.

Yang, the masculine part, is portrayed bright and spirited with many outbursts of emotions such as anger, jealousy and love. Bright subjects in motion, dancers, musicians or yoga instructors. This energy is captured in analog on medium and large format, the works are hand prints on baryte paper, framed with antireflective museum glass.

These are two states that condition and exclude each other. Something that is at rest cannot be in motion at the same time. However, in the ideal case, rest and movement are alternating. Dance lives from movement just as much as from rest, pausing, recharging the batteries, tensing up before the next leap, the next explosion of energy that overwhelms the viewer. To portray both, the vibrant energy, but also the powerful calm is the goal of this project. 


Hands reveal us unique insights into the soul of a person and help us to immerse ourself deeper in their world and emotions. Open hands, fists, showing the back or the palm, reveal self awareness and reactions towards their environment. 

Our project presents the hands of four generations of women within one family. Captured in large format and complemented by gingko leaves on wetplate. The heart of the series are the hands of the youngest member of the family together with her great grandmother. The baby turns towards her for security, wisdom and support – symbolized by the hand of the older generation.

The lines and wrinkles of old hands tell stories about the lived years, the eventful life still in front the baby. The open hand offers support and care. The fine branching structures mirror some of those found in nature, we can discover similarities between them and the gingko leaves.

© 2023 – Nicole und Claus-Peter Malek