analog photography – the art of patience

fe-male artistic duo

Together in contradiction. Stillness and movement, opposites and similarities, female and male points of view. This tension guides us through our image finding.
As a duo we do analogue photography with artistic ambition. In project-based works we study ourselves, our surroundings and nature. Together we reflect and share thoughts with our visual language.


Consciously we have chosen analog photography. Any technique that reduces and restricts us, forces us to engage more and more with individual thoughts and photos. The patience and slowness teach us to look even more closely. For this we use historical photographic techniques, such as collodion wet plate or large format cameras.
Then, in the darkroom, our negatives and collected objects from nature become the individual pieces. Negatives become prints on handmade paper, and on baryt paper. Collected items to wetplates on aluminum or glass.
All the pictures we show are unicums – one-of-a-kind pieces.

Invitation to silence

Our art is meant to encourage you to come to rest and feel connected to nature. Our photos want to be discovered slowly and patiently. We would like to join you on this journey.
We look forward to welcoming many visitors to our studio, please feel free to contact us. Whether private, artists in search of exchange, gallery owners or collectors, our door is open.

About us:

We have been creatively active together since 1995. None of us exists alone. The tension, familiarity and serenity that characterize our connection are part of our art. Through our exchanges, tension and collaboration, we inspire each other and crystallize the best possible from what we do.
Over the years, it has become the case that our respective parts in a work become more and more blurred. All of our projects are collaborative productions. For this reason, we deliberately refrain from attributing works to a single creator.
The Maleks


2022 Wien

2022 Plauen

2021 Köln

More exhibitions are planned, as soon as there is news we will publish it on our website.

We welcome any feedback, no matter what: