„Contradiction“ Vienna 2022
As part of the rotlicht festival 2022 we are exhibiting in Vienna at the Semperdepot. In this group exhibition we were able to show our work to an analog-interested audience.

„Rest and Movement“ Cologne 2022
Solo exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Köln (Wehrturm Zündorf) – over eight floors we showed works on the theme of rest and movement. Resuming the calmness of the thick walls of the weir and the steady movement of the stairs winding upwards, we imagine a pictorial exploration of speed with the help of photography. The two opposites in the theme are reflected in the exhibition in the bright light whites of analog film photography, and in the deep blacks of the wet plates. A yin and yang of photography.

„Generations“ Plauen 2021
In the context of the exhibition „Father and Son – Very Real!“ of the gallery e. o. plauen we presented specially made photographs on the topic „Generations“ and mainly focused on the female aspect. As stylistic elements we mainly used reduction and symbolism in the shown works. Ginkgo leaves stand for the endurance of time and are also reminiscent of abstracted human bodies.

„Music“ Heilbronn 2018
Claus-Peter Malek has accompanied the Jamsession in Heilbronn since its beginnings in 2015.
Month after month emotional photos are created, which were able to be shown here.

„Wetplates and Callitypies“ Mannheim 2018
Neckarstadt-Ost invites once a year to a big art weekend. Nicole Malek got the opportunity to present her Wetplates and Kallitypien to a large audience in a collective exhibition.

„New York“ in London 2016
Presentation of some of Nicole Malek‘s paintings from the series „New York“ at the gallery „The Brick Lane“.

Work shows – ongoing
In order to give interested people an insight into our current projects, we regularly open our studio for a work show. This allows us to get into conversation with people interested in art and to develop further through constructive feedback.