Time Capsule

„A time capsule is a container for storing things for a certain period of time, which is or may be opened by persons only after a certain time interval has elapsed, with the purpose of preserving and documenting time-typical things for subsequent generations.“ (Wikipedia)

Completely addicted to the little spy camera Minox, I struck several times and bought used, old Minox B. According to the serial numbers, they were made around 1959 and 1965. Some of the cameras contain exposed film from time to time… and even though there is no longer a suitable developer for these films, I develop them to the best of my ability with my fine-grain developer. And even though the film has already been damaged – there was still something on it! It was an AgfaPan 25 (Iso 25!), developed with Ilfotec.

I then contacted the seller again to find out if they might be family photos and if anyone else would be happy to have them. Especially the photos with people on them would be interesting… but as it turned out, the former owner is dead and there are probably no direct heirs. She was a photographer and lived with her husband at Lake Starnberg.
In this way, I think of her for a long time now, and I think that would be in her spirit, that someone has found the camera again after all this time, and is using it.

I guess from around 1969/1970, at least that’s how one of the film canisters was labelled.

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