Miroslav Tichý

Another Czech photographer and painter whose work we appreciate and find inspiration in is Miroslav Tichy. He was born in 1926 and had a promising future as a painter after training at the Academy of Arts in Prague. But after the communists took over, everything changed for him. He was now without a studio and began to take photographs and sketch. He made his own lenses out of old glasses and cardboard, usually taking at least 100 photos a day. He enlarged his photos in his own, imperfect way and drew his frames around his favourite photos. He was now an outsider, spent a lot of time in psychiatric institutions, neglected himself and his piece of clothing – a coat, he also stitched with wire if necessary.
His motifs were women, shopping, gossiping or in the park, the line between art and voyeurism is blurred here.
His imperfection in photography is as different as we make and enlarge most of our photos. You can see in his photos that this is a captured feeling.
We named our camping bus, with which we travel to take photos, after him. We lovingly call him Miro. He too is an old creative companion held together with wire.

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