2022 Köln

In this professionally curated exhibition, artist couple Nicole and C.-P. Malek present a selection of black-and-white photographs and moving images whose main focus is on the emergence, presence and absence, and amplification and suppression of movement. The underlying theme is the natural contrast between stillness and movement, fleetingness and eternity. Dancers are juxtaposed or interact with trees and waves. Dynamics and deceleration accompany the visitor on his walk through the Zündorf fortified tower and let him become a part of the presentation in a very active way. What exactly they want to achieve can best be expressed in the words of the artist couple themselves: „Calmness and movement are two states that condition and exclude each other. (…) To depict both, the lively energy, the powerful stillness – that is the goal of this exhibition.“

The Maleks: CONTRADICTION – Stillness & Movement
Photographs, handmade prints and video art
Curation and introduction: Dr. Iris Haist, art historian, Cologne

Location: Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, Hauptstrasse 181, 51143 Cologne
Exhibition duration: Sunday, 29.05. to Sunday, 26.06.2022

An overview of our exhibition